"Thank you to Grant and his staff for their assistance. I was nervous about the process, but they guided me through the process, and now I am pleased with my dentures and my smile again!"

Bill Thomason - Billings, MT

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Denturist?

A Denturist is a licensed dental health professional. We construct, repair and replace full and partial dentures offering our services directly to the public. We work very closely with other members of the dental health team – oral surgeons, hygienists and dentists to provide you with the best care possible. Denturists are the best choice for removable prosthetics due to the fact that we are highly trained in both the clinical (patient) and the laboratory (construction) aspects of care.

How long does it take to make my dentures?

Normally it takes four (4) appointments to construct your dentures. If you are from out of town, we can see you more than once in the day. The scheduling does depend upon appointment availability in the day and week.

What kind of teeth will be on my dentures?

There are many choices available and, depending on your circumstance, here is a list of what we use: Composite – The most natural choice for your mouth, very durable, yet not brittle or abrasive. They offer superb aesthetics, blending hues and shades to match natural teeth and do not wear natural teeth. Porcelain – These are extremely durable with the longest life of any denture tooth. Many people who have had dentures 15+ years have porcelain teeth. They are, however, abrasive to natural teeth and tissues as they are harder than anything else in your mouth. Porcelain teeth can chip and fracture due to brittleness. Hardened Resin – A better grade of plastic teeth. They do not chip or wear natural teeth, but do wear themselves over time.

Why does it seem my teeth are shrinking and my mouth has lines that sag at the edges?

The changes that occur in your mouth after your teeth are extracted are referred to as resorption. This causes your dentures to “settle” – the upper denture moves upward and the lower denture downward. This means greater space between your teeth, a loss of lip and cheek support as your teeth almost seem to disappear. We have people come in to our clinic and say, “I’ve got a bulldog bite,” or “I look upset,” or “I’ve lost my smile.” These things are caused by resorption of your gums and the wear on your denture teeth. They can be corrected with a set of properly made dentures.

What does a reline do for my dentures?

Relining fits your existing denture to your gums. If your teeth are in good condition and all other aspects of your dentures are correct, a reline is very helpful.

How do I know if a reline is all I need?

If your teeth have excessive wear or are misaligned (bite is off), a reline will probably not help you.

If I have my teeth pulled, do I have to go without dentures until my gums heal?

No! We make immediate dentures that are placed in the mouth immediately following your extractions.

Can you copy the color of my natural teeth?

While all denturists are highly trained and seek to provide perfect matches, it is nearly impossible to perfectly match your natural teeth’s color and shading. However, we take great care to closely match the color of your natural teeth.