“Grant and Ron care about older people and their struggles. They both listen and do all they can to help and encourage my mother when I bring her in to West Park Denture Clinic.”  GS in Billings, MT

Denture Services

Dentures and partials are removable prosthetic appliances that replace missing teeth for the function of eating and chewing and the purpose of appearance and comfort.

Full dentures replace all missing teeth, whether upper or lower arches or both. Immediate dentures are fabricated prior to the extraction of your natural teeth and are placed in the mouth immediately following extractions. We help you with adjustments as your gums heal and shrink. Temporary liners are necessary to make the dentures comfortable and, after approximately six months, the dentures should be reconstructed with a permanent reline to fit the shape of your newly healed gums. Relines are custom fittings of your denture to your mouth, and are necessary due to the natural changes that occur in your gums over time.

Full dentures should be checked by your denturist at least every two years to see whether they need to be adjusted or relined. Replacement of full dentures is recommended when the teeth are worn and you no longer have good function. Insurance companies pay for replacement dentures every five years and relines every year, so this indicates a time frame that is feasible. Because we use only superior materials, our dentures consistently last and function for ten years or more.

Partial dentures replace the teeth that are missing in your mouth. We make acrylic base partials for fewer missing teeth, usually front teeth. You may have heard these referred to as “flippers.” Precision cast partials have clasps and sometimes attachments for exceptional fit and function, strength and durability. Additional teeth and clasps can be added to these partials should other natural teeth be extracted.

Immediate Dentures are full or partial dentures inserted on the same day as the extraction.

All of our work is done on the premises with our state-of-the-art procedures involving the latest technology – SRIvocap Denture Injection Process/BPS

WPDC offers excellent craftsmanship, the finest materials and many years of experience.

We give a complimentary consultation and warranty for 90 days. For all services and fees, please call our office.